Health Campaigns

Health campaigns are an important way to increase access to health services and to engage with members of the public. Here at PharmTips we provide full campaigns on health services, such as healthy lifestyle advice, sexual health and managing common ailments. As pharmacists we are happy to help in anyway we can to promote health.

We are especially interested in increasing access to health advice for young people. We are equipped to provide these services at universities, schools, festivals and other meetings.

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Healthy Lifestyles

When living away from home, keeping a healthy lifestyle is important for a healthy mind and body, it also helps to reduce stress and help positive mindfulness. A range of leaflets, personalised advice and blood pressure testing are but a few samples available. In addition to information on alcohol intake, drugs and other healthy lifestyle topics.

Sexual Health

Sexual health is important to keeping healthy and to be informed about, especially when living away from home. We can supply free Chlamydia tests, condoms and confidential consultations, advice and signposting. In addition to leaflets and a few other freebies.

Managing common Ailments

Common problems can happen frequently, especially when they are least expected. If they are not known how to treat they can quickly escalate into more problematic issues. Here at PharmTips we are dedicated to promoting self-care and giving pharmaceutical advice on all aspects of healthcare. In particular how to treat common ailments with over the counter remedies which can be bought from the community pharmacy.