Burnt Housewife


Disclaimer: No housewives were severely hurt in the making of this blog post

In typical housewife fashion a couple of days ago I stepped into the kitchen to make dinner. As per usual I look in the cupboard and fridge then troll the internet on how to amalgamate what I may have in tins and root vegetables that can be transformed into a scrumptious dish. 

Typically I started off by boiling the coconut oil, the pan started spitting and I got a minor burn. 



 Products that can be used to treat burns 

Products that can be used to treat burns 

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My minor burn

Todays blog post is on how to combat minor burns with over the counter products that can be bought at the Pharmacy.

Follow these easy steps:

1)     Run the burn under cool water for up to 20 minutes

2)     Once the skin is cool it is important to maintain the moisture and hydrate

             -        Use creams such as Savlon, Acriflex, Sudocrem or Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly)

3) Continue to hydrate your skin until the affected skin is healed.