Anxiety and Stress

After a lovely Christmas day, I woke up up on Boxing day at my parents house to find out that our house had been broken in to.

At first I felt shock then relief in the sense that thank God we weren't at home. I have found it very difficult to control my emotions, feelings and also be strong for my husband.

Today's blog is about ways to deal with anxiety and stress.

It is very important to be able recognise stress and how to combat it in a way that suits you. For me personally it was important to think about why I was getting anxious and think about what things would make me feel less anxious.

Here is a list of things that can be done to combat anxiety and stress:

- Exercise

- Getting enough sleep 

- Seeking advice from a healthcare professional

Thing's that can be bought over the counter from a pharmacy are:

- Various herbal products to help with anxiety, such as Kalms, Valarian root, Bachs Rescue remedy

I hope this helps! Worked wonders for me!


Burnt Housewife


Disclaimer: No housewives were severely hurt in the making of this blog post

In typical housewife fashion a couple of days ago I stepped into the kitchen to make dinner. As per usual I look in the cupboard and fridge then troll the internet on how to amalgamate what I may have in tins and root vegetables that can be transformed into a scrumptious dish. 

Typically I started off by boiling the coconut oil, the pan started spitting and I got a minor burn. 



 Products that can be used to treat burns 

Products that can be used to treat burns 

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My minor burn

Todays blog post is on how to combat minor burns with over the counter products that can be bought at the Pharmacy.

Follow these easy steps:

1)     Run the burn under cool water for up to 20 minutes

2)     Once the skin is cool it is important to maintain the moisture and hydrate

             -        Use creams such as Savlon, Acriflex, Sudocrem or Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly)

3) Continue to hydrate your skin until the affected skin is healed. 


What is NHS 111?

We have all had times those times where an incident has occurred and we are unsure what to do to resolve it. We go through different levels of questioning in our head..

How did it happen? 

How bad is it? 

How can I resolve it? 

Where can I go to get it resolved in the quickest and most efficient way possible?

I am employed to work as an NHS 111 pharmacist. In this blog post I hope to explain what NHS 111 is and when to use it.

What is NHS 111?

NHS 111 is known as a non emergency number for medical help. If you feel that your issue isn't a 999 emergency but still need medical help then call 111. This is a free number from all UK mobile phones and landlines.

How does it work?

Once you call, call handlers will receive the call and ask a series of questions which works through a “disposition”. This is an algorithm which takes into account each possible outcome for an answer given. After the series of questioning it will then compute and direct or refer you to additional advice for self care management, a healthcare professional depending on your need. The disposition has the ability to lead to a prescription service or ambulance call out if needed.

What do Pharmacist’s at NHS 111?

My role at NHS 111 has been very exciting. It has given me the chance to be able to give patients fast expert pharmaceutical care, and is another way patients can reach pharmacists. Queries I have had range from anything between where is the nearest pharmacy to “I have been started on this combination of medication is it safe?”


My advice is, if it is not urgent and you don’t think it warrants dialling 999 or a visit to A+E  but you don’t feel your local pharmacy has the service you need then call NHS 111. It is a great service that is quick, empathetic and will advise you and/or signpost you get medical help efficiently. 

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Start of my PhD - No Regrets

It has been a month since I started my PhD and I can feel the beginnings of an emotional rollercoaster...

My journey so far...

First things first day:

As I look back on my first day, I remember gleefully and nervously climbing the central staircase up to my brand new office. With each step I kept thinking "I cannot believe I am here, I cannot believe I am doing this... they've picked me to do a PhD at one of the most prestigious School's of Pharmacy in England! - Can I do this?"

I reach the top of the stairs turn right and enter my office... I look around and get the warmest reception, I suddenly feel at ease and excited!



I did wonder how hard it would be to go from full time working to full time self study, uprooting my husband and taking the risk. But I did.. and I encourage whoever reads this blog weigh up the pros and cons (if your like me and it makes you feel better but actually you will take the risk anyway ;) ) and just do it - good or bad you will always learn something new in the process. conclude one month on.. from working a 7.5hour day, being able to measure my success on a day to day basis e.g. I have checked x amount of prescriptions, screened x amount of prescriptions, medicines use reviews etc and being content to a complete free-for-all writing PhD notes in Tesco, thinking about pharmacy at 2am and still feeling stagnant..

I wouldn't take it away because even though I hate the feeling of being lost, taking myself out of my comfort zone through this opportunity has made me feel inspired and confident to actually act on and produce new entrepreneurial and innovative ideas.

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 My Desk

My Desk

I have been looking for a new challenge for a while now, prior to this I would flip between community and hospital pharmacy throughout the year to keep me on my toes but deep down I have been looking for more, either that or I have serious commitment issues - I'll let you know when I find out.

Each professional role I have taken from Pharmacy student, Pre-registration student to Pharmacist I have gone through this cycle .... and this is no different except I have no idea what I am doing (I have been told this is normal..)

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