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My name is Yasmin and I am a UK registered Pharmacist and PhD student.

Here at PharmTips we are very excited about all thing's health and pharmacy related. We would like to share our world with you! Personally I am very passionate about healthcare and I believe all patients deserve the right to easily accessible healthcare. Whether it is... down the road at your local community pharmacy or at home on your laptop through the Ask A Pharmacist videos or advice column

My background is in various sectors of pharmacy  - Hospital, Community and Urgent care. If you have any questions or would like more information/advice please contact me, through the contact us page or take a look at the careers advice page.

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At PharmTips we are dedicated to providing the best information and services to you whether you are a pharmacy user or a pharmacy owner. We have information regarding healthy lifestyle advice, Minor ailment advice and an advice column where you can ask your own questions. 

For Pharmacists we have inspection advice, documents and availability for mock inspections, drug alerts and general pharmacy news. Also a marketing tool which will relieve you of all the woes and worries of social media marketing.

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For Students, there is advice regarding UCAS applications, placements and CV information. The PhD page will be a blog with frequent updates regarding statistics, research design etc.

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 I would love to know your thoughts, advice and any topics you would like me to blog and video about.

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YouTube: AskAPharmacist

Twitter: @yasminkarsan

Instagram: AskaPharmacist

Email: Yasminthepharmacist@gmail.com